Dayou Lu

Peaceful lotus pond Rhythm in lotus pond...(No.F18BL10001) (2022)

54.3x53.5 in ~ Painting, Ink, Pigments


"Dayou Lu, born in 1958. He is the member of Chinese National Artist Association (CAA), National Artist Level 1, the Vice Present of Academy of Fine Art of Central Committee of CNCA, the member of Konstnärernas Riksorganisation (KRO), the member of International Artist Association (IAA), the member of Visual Art Association in UK (VAA), distinguished artist of GBK, Vice dean of China Academy of Ink Art, Deputy director of JS Cultural committee of CNDCA.
Dayou's works inherited and made breakthroughs on the basis of traditional culture. Dayou's works have been highly praised by the many art circles in China and Europe. In these years of painting exhibitions, Dayou is not only exporting the influence of Chinese culture but also constantly learning and absorbing the energy of European art and culture, making his works more tense and appealing. Especially in recent years, the newly created series of heavy-color lotus works have become more symbolic and recognizable, and their unique styles are impressive. Dayou's artworks have continued to be sought after by the world art circle. He artwork is integrating the outside objective observations and inside subjective feelings. The beauty of his artwork lies between the similar and different. He insisted on the most basic form of expression of Chinese painting, and at the same time added the display of personality, breakthroughs and innovations, reflecting the true art of natural society and the beauty of life, and giving people a beautiful enjoyment.


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